I would like to go back and give a quick recap( no pun intended), on the noble efforts that took place this past weekend involving the collaboration between Capital SUP and Annapolis Fine Property.

Kevin Haigis, co owner of Capital SUP Annapolis and vice president of the Spa Creek Conservancy, took the initiative this weekend to head one of the many monthly cleanings of the oyster cages. These parcels hang off the dock in Eastport, in efforts to clean the water in Annapolis. Simply put, a little goes a long way and one healthy oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water, if cared for correctly.

This is where the volunteers of Annapolis come in and can really impact the universal movement, which Capital SUP, Live Water Foundation and Oyster Recovery Partnership strive to instill in others. With a nurturing attitude, aiding in these monthly cleanings, which are so instrumental in the success of reviving the Spa Creek living oyster population, can make a huge difference to water quality, water sports, healthy seafood, and overall well being among the Annapolis population. My son and I joined in on the efforts for the first time, as we helped clean the algae, which basically stunts the growth of the baby spat(oysters) from reaching their full potential.

I sincerely hope by doing a little, along with a group of dedicated Annapolis residents, this inspires others to help the oysters reach age one by summer time. The ultimate goal is for these little sea creatures to have successful translocation, enabling them to thrive, as others do, on the historic oyster reef in the Severn River and connecting creeks.

Click here for more information on the how Capital SUP encourages others to “Paddle Inspire and Empower” through philantrhopic acts of kindness