The busiest real estate season is about to begin! Be ahead of the game and check off this to do list before listing your home for sale in the spring. At the end of the day, you will want the buyer to look at your home and say “Wow! You can tell this home has really been taken care of over the years. I feel comfortable making an offer.”

Hire a Real Estate Agent and Determine a Listing Price

If you are at all interested in putting your house on the market in the coming months, the most important step is to find a dedicated realtor you can rely on. Having a professional that has been through the process before, will put you at ease. With over 13 + years of experience representing both buyers and sellers in Maryland and Delaware(8 years), I pride myself in offering a higher level of service, negotiation and integrity. I listen to my clients, communicate often, and always work hard toward our common goal, the successful sale of your property. 

Clean and Declutter

Most buyers like to visualize how they can put their own personal touch on a space once they enter it. This means it’s easier to imagine how a space can feel like home if they are looking at a blank slate. Minimize piles, clean out closets and remove disorder. Hire a professional to clean the house top to bottom. Purge things that have not been looked at in quite some time. Present the home the very best way you can and someone is bound to jump on the opportunity.

Improve and Revamp

Does your house have good bones? First and foremost, it is important to look at the things that can not be seen at a first glance. If you sell the home and do not reveal the underlying issues, they will most likely be found on a home inspection. Save yourself the headache and tackle some of these large jobs prior to putting your house on the market. Look at roofing, flooring, fireplaces, leaks etc. Are you interested in updating the home and taking on a large project? Focus on your kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom and other entertainment spaces. If you are worried about spending too much, space out projects so that a little bit is hammered out over a long period of time.

Eliminate Odors

Swap out rugs, light candles, open windows and let in the fresh air. Remove pet odor and dander. Bathrooms should be presented in a pristine manner. New flowers, plants and natural room fragrances can put buyers in the mood to make a purchase on your home. Indoor plants are huge right now in the home trends world for Spring and they will help better the overall air quality of your home. Anything to bring the outside in, is going to attract a buyer to stay a little longer and really consider this home as a permanent residence.

Paint Paint Paint

Repaint spaces using neutral colors. They are usually the way to go because they are better on the eye and prospective buyers do not want to be distracted on the goal at hand. Don’t forget to paint the exterior of the home, including doors and siding. If you go with neutral exterior paint, choose a stand out color on the front door. This choice of color can intrigue the buyer from the first minute they set foot on your property. Really want to make a difference? Freshen up the trim and even paint the kitchen cabinets one of the trending colors for 2018.

Landscape and Focus on Entrance

Curb appeal is everything when marketing your home for the Spring real estate open houses. It is also the first aspect of the home everyone will take note of before walking through the front door. Cleaning up existing landscaping is the most important, but adding something a little extra special, will not go unnoticed. Trim branches and clean up overgrown bushes. Plant new trees. If the grass is patchy, replace it with new sod. Add a pair of potted annual flowers to the front porch. It seems like common sense, but as a realtor it is my job to tell my listing partners to do everything they can to leave a good first impression. Look at this entire process as an invitation to visit your lovely home.