A charming upscale Annapolis neighborhood


Located about 5 miles from downtown Annapolis, Sherwood Forest is a densely wooded community bordered on three sides by the Idle River, the Severn River, and Road Bay. If you venture into “The Forest”, as homeowners refer to it, you will find streets named after the legendary folk figures of Robin Hood. Friar Tuck, Little John, Nottingham and Maid Marion are among the many nostalgic street names where cottages sit, perched, staggered on hills, overlooking the water.

Many homes, now year round dwellings, have been renovated and/or restored. Most are still painted in the popular “Sherwood Green” shade, developed by Bruning Paint Co. of Baltimore. Along with brown and white, this was one of the three paint choices in 1915, when this pocket of Annapolis was predominantly used as a summer camp haven.

There is plenty to do if you choose to join the intimate family of explorers who reside in private Sherwood Forest. Members of the community have access to swimming, tennis, sailing, hiking, bowling and a nine-hole golf course. Generations of families have tended to this retreat with special care, shaping and preserving the history for newcomers. Similar to downtown, there is no need to get in a car and leave “The Forest”, as they offer a convenience store and post office for residents.

Does this sound like the easy/laid back lifestyle that would also fit into your search parameters? There are reasonable properties that need a little TLC and others that are move in ready occupancies. Contact me directly if I can help you purchase a home in this location or any of the surrounding Annapolis communities.¬†Currently, 7 homes are for sale in Sherwood Forest. They range from $799,000 —> $1,725,000. Click here for a complete list of properties on the market in Sherwood Forest.

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