As close as you can get to the action, Downtown Annapolis, with the Historic District as a focus.

Downtown Annapolis is an extensive area of shops, restaurants and other businesses, as well as homes surrounding enthralling tourist sites like Maryland’s capital, the State House, the harbor, and the U.S. Naval Academy. These central areas draw visitors from all over and this high in demand section of Annapolis continues to expand everyday, attracting more buyers. A perfect example of this maturation are the developments on West Street including new restaurants, venues, and events like the First Sunday Art Festivals.

Before the Historic District was the crux of downtown living, now it is a footprint which the city can build upon every year.

On a normal day, many tourists walk the streets mixing in with the locals. Although it’s a city, the laid back feel is still apparent as the local population is made up of sailors, generations of dedicated lifelong Annapolitans, midshipmen, and newcomers.

Eighteenth century brick homes line the streets along with pastel colored row homes, many standing out with a view of the water near city dock. It’s so unique to say that the four signers of the Declaration of Independence had homes in the Historic District, some of which you can still tour today. Real estate in the area can be expensive, due to the history and walkable distance to the city’s core. With minimal buildable land left, properties are mostly bought to either remodel and update within limits or for the purpose of embracing the historic aspects. These homes are special and people are willing to pay the asking values. Prices vary depending on the size and predicted up keep.  All and all, who wouldn’t want to purchase a home in downtown Annapolis; or even better, within the Historic District of our state’s capital?

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