Take a look at some of the responses from clients of mine who now call the Historic District of Annapolis home. This gives you a little taste of what the lifestyle would feel like directly from residents who experience the little city life everyday.

Q & A with clients who have purchases homes in the Historic District:

Q : What is your favorite part about living downtown?

” Living in the Historic District of Annapolis is an incredible experience because you can embrace the lifestyle of the time period. The unique architecture is timeless beauty. We are surrounded by this treasure everyday. I love being able to walk to many shops and restaurants on Main Street.  My husband and I frequent Kilwins, Starbucks, Osteria, Cafe Normandie and CVS on a regular basis. ”

“One of the reasons we moved to Annapolis is that we wanted to live in a safe, fun walkable community.  Annapolis allows us to park our cars and forget about them. Nearly everything is within a few blocks of the house including friends, restaurants, church, sporting activities and shopping.  It is a strong social community with plenty of events and celebrations throughout the year to enjoy.”

“We love living downtown not only do we have shops and restaurants down the block, there’s also great things for our children to enjoy. Whether it’s the park at Acton Cove, the playground built for the children of Annapolis, or catching one of the parades on Main Street, we couldn’t be happier with the amenities and lifestyle downtown provides. Choose downtown and enjoy life by the bay – every day! ”

“Annapolis is, of course, beautiful but, especially given it’s size, it is also an astonishingly lively town. Downtown Annapolis has a wide variety of excellent restaurants, venues with live music, and festivals/events almost every weekend. It is fantastic to have all this is walking distance. Furthermore, it is a very safe area where you can wander around at any time of the day. Having also a sailboat in Annapolis, we feel we have the best of both worlds: life within walking distance and all of the little things Annapolis has to offer but also the “water life”.

“Downtown Annapolis living seems to be not only a daily walkable historical area, but with events such as Dining Under the Stars, Christmas Midnight Madness, parades for all holidays and candlelight tours. Theses are just some of the activities that make this a special place.”

~ Anonymous Clients