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“Deborah has always been a design junkie. Whether she was redecorating her parents’ house as a young child, or doodling floor plans when bored in class, Deborah has always had a discerning and creative eye. However, instead of pursuing design, she became an advertising executive–first as a copywriter and then as the creative liaison between the client and the art department. Deborah had a knack for identifying the objectives of her clients and then conveying them into award-winning campaigns that were well designed and highly effective. It was this unique understanding of her clients’ needs that formed the basis of her decorating business today.” However, it wasn’t until a friend asked her to design his house that Deborah really found her calling. “Doing that first project unleashed a passion that had been dormant for a long time,” says Deborah. The end result was a complete redo of their house and the beginning of her career as a decorator. When asked what her style is, Deborah states emphatically, “It’s not about my style. It’s about my clients’, with my interpretation and direction mixed in. I am the facilitator. I listen and watch. And then I mindfully create an environment that mimics the unique personalities of the people who trust me to create the spaces they call home. Homes that are layered with textures, accessories and materials that embody a person’s aesthetic, while giving way for their everyday lifestyles.”

-Deborah Houston Interiors

Recently, I had the pleasure of listing a historic home, where the homeowners chose Deborah Interior Design throughout their beautiful remodeled property. I was blown away with the intricate details of the interior design. From the custom carpets and runners, to the choice of unique light fixtures and wall murals, it was an unforgettable space and one that will stick out in my mind as I continue to list and sell homes in the Annapolis area.

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