Thought it would be interesting to have one of my clients write a few words about their first impressions of Annapolis living. After a few weeks of beginning a new chapter in the capital city, this was her thoughtful feedback.

“Living in a historical city by the water brings beauty and calm to your life every day. The parks and many streets overlook creeks and the wildlife of the Chesapeake Bay. Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular reflecting on the waterways of this charming town. There are many historical sights such as churches, our State Capital and surrounding buildings, the St. John’s College, and the U.S. Naval Academy located along the waterways.

Downtown offers many different dining experiences and shops overlooking the busy, shining harbor and active streets. Ducks and seagulls float around in this active area everyday. Shoppers mingle around cafes and many walk their dogs around town as a daily activity. Friendly pups create warm encounters for many.

It’s such a beautiful and relaxing scene!

City living offers may opportunities to walk and be outdoors in the fresh air. Walking, biking, boating, and other water sports are popular among the residents. Standup Paddle boarding (SUP) located in Eastport is peaking in popularity. You can see groups paddling along the water most any day from spring to fall. SUP and sailing camps are available to children in the summertime. These sports are a fun, easy means of exercise for all ages and a social opportunity as well.

Holiday events warm your spirits through the seasons. Halloween decorations are strewn across many doorways, as glowing pumpkins and colorful mums sit on porches and steps, bringing locals out to mingle together. The holiday season is very evident as fresh greens, red bows, and lights are draped around town. Midnight Madness bring many to town to be social and shop. Annapolis offers a small-town atmosphere of tree-lined streets and pet-friendly, lovely parks for all to enjoy! Annapolis is a relaxing and enchanting place to live! Happiness is healthy living!”

~Anonymous client

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I love the positivity and excitement this city embodies and from my experience as well as my clients, Annapolis is a perfect place to call home. I think most will agree with my client that the calming backdrop is therapeutic and a place you will easily live a happier, healthier and active lifestyle. It opens its doors and arms effortlessly, making a stranger feel like they have lived here their entire life and those who have moved away question why they ever left.