It’s that time of year again. Annapolitans are starting to bring out their decorations in time for the holidays. Here are a few easy decorating tips that will make your house sparkle this fall season, whether you have decided to put it on the market or simply live in and enjoy.


The fabric velvet has been popular for quite some time and it looks like it’s not going anywhere this fall and winter. Velvet pillows, throws and pumpkins add texture when paired with all of the neutral colors. The idea gives a home a warm and cozy feeling as we approach the colder months.



White, Heirloom and Cinderella Pumpkins

No longer is the perfect orange pumpkin the way to go. It’s all about the imperfect lopsided heirloom shape in soft pale shades. Mixing all different shapes and sizes in the middle of a table as a centerpiece or down the front steps makes for a beautiful autumnal focal point.





You can’t go wrong with a neutral palette. Sticking with all white mums or adding wheat and corn stalks next to each other, is the key to staying on trend this fall. Muted tones are the perfect contrast to the bright oranges, reds and yellows of autumn leaves.





One of the biggest trends of fall 2018, the color Mauve, is standing out among the traditional fall colors in the biggest decorating stores. This purple hue is really pleasing to the eye, especially against burnt oranges, blue and white.




Stems: Cotton, Lamb’s Ear, Wheat & Eucalyptus

Any combination of these stems is popular this fall. Try adding them alone quickly in vases, tucking together in arrangements, or displaying the greenery in wreaths. All ideas create an easy statement and a conversation piece that all of your guests will enjoy.