Often my clients inquire about what there is to do once they have officially moved to Annapolis. They want a list of activities, restaurants, parks, museums, events etc. I personally feel like one of the best ways to get the full experience is to be on the water.

“Arrive with a purpose, depart with a passion” ~ Capital SUP

Of course it would be a perfect world if every home in Annapolis overlooked the Chesapeake Bay and every home owner could walk out their back porch to a sunset with a view of Main Street. So what would be the next best thing? Living in Annapolis and being by the water as often as possible? Exercising on the water? Practicing yoga poses with your dog, on a board, while the sun sets behind you? It’s obvious that Annapolis, the Maryland state capital, is a huge sailing town, but what else can you do on the bay besides boating?

Capital SUP is a stand up paddle boarding business located in Eastport. With only four years under their belt, in my opinion, they are already one of the most valued water sports businesses in Annapolis, and they continue to grow in popularity every day. I think this is mainly due to to two things: the dedicated ownership and the slew of Capital SUP activities catering to all ages including children and pups. My son and I have enjoyed a paddle together with a special board designed to have him ride on the front in a seat with a life vest. I also spend some of my free time group training or working one on one with one of the personal trainers. I’m in the best shape I have been in a long time, thanks to Capital SUP!

The perfect trio of Brian Meyer, Kevin Haigis and Chris Norman, make working out on the water fun and enjoyable rather than a job, through strength, conditioning and cardio. Not only can you book a day on the water, paddling, but yoga is offered as well as personal training, peddle boarding, race training, and kayaking. The truly remarkable element of Capital SUP is in their partnerships with organizations like the Spa Creek Conservancy and Live Water Foundation. Weekly water monitoring for water quality is now a practiced routine and they have even made it a priority to give back to disabled vets.

Follow along on their website below for upcoming events as the weather starts to warm up this spring. As summer approaches, a children’s camp is offered once a month for 7-12 year olds as well as a Yappi Hour(a dog friendly paddle boarding evening), taking place biweekly on Wednesdays. There is always something new and exciting going on at Capital SUP and the fall is another perfect time to take notice of their philanthropies including the biggest fundraiser of the year, Paddlefest. In addition, Kevin Haigis, now vice president of the Spa Creek Conservatory, is always eager to educate others on the development of their remarkable Oyster Garden. Over everything else, Capital SUP prides themselves on building a family with the paddle boarding community, which supports each other both mentally and physically. They now travel together to perfect skills and bring home more confidence through racing events. Their goal is to continue to grow these relationships and include others on their journey through the water. I hope all of my clients, and soon to be partners, find 2018 an ideal time to try out Capital SUP.


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