Landscaping turned up a notch

Secluded Spaces

Homeowners want to loosen at the end of a long day in a private space with their loved ones, especially adults. Retreats for the parents are becoming more popular this year including adult tree houses, swings, and other nooks created for lounging and unwinding.

Keeping It Low Maintenance

Planting perennials that will return annually is a no brainer when aiming to achieve a low maintenance garden. Tech gadgets like automated irrigation systems and robotic lawn mowers have took a popular turn. Some are spending less time in their garden and instead using their phone apps as a more efficient way to get the job done.

Investing In Furniture That Will Last

Many homeowners are beginning to create a larger budget for outdoor furniture including: couches, chairs, tables and even umbrellas. Instead of purchasing new pieces year after year, many are choosing to go with higher quality items or building their own. These reliable pieces can be used for a longer duration and passed down to others.

Let The Garden Run Free

Wildflowers are the craze this year. Supporting wild life and letting the plants do as they wish is common among gardeners. Anything to encourage pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies to visit, aids not only the wildlife habitat, but also the homeowner. 

Indoor Gardens

House plants have continued to grow in popularity in 2019, especially among the millennial generation. Indoor growth can improve air condition, as well as lessen stress and increase productivity. Click here for the seven of the best indoor plants this new year.

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