Moving your life from one residence to the next can wreak literal havoc on your life if you don’t plan for it. Having advised many through this hectic time myself, I’d like to offer all of my Annapolis homebuyers some valuable tips and tricks to make the transition as simple and painless as possible.

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#1: Change Your Address

They recommend about two weeks before the move, filling out a forwarding address change form. Change your bills to paperless or call and change the address on these as well. Call doctors and dentists and transfer records. While you’re at it, begin to look up professionals in the new zip code. 

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#2: Label and Color Code

Number your boxes, label with each room, and use bright highlighter or washi tape to color code. If you don’t specify, you may have to stand at the door and direct the movers when you could be getting other things done. Labeling boxes with numbers can help prioritize which boxes to open first. While doing so, label box #1 as essentials bin, including things you will need right away.

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#3: Take Pictures

Always try to snap a photo of the old house before you leave and the new home without furniture. You will be surprised how many times you will reach for these. Another great idea is to quickly photograph light fixture assembly and electronics. Avoid the frustration later at all costs!

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#4: Do It Yourself

Pack and transfer some things yourself! This will save time on packing day and may avoid movers breaking things you value. As you pack, research the right way to pack. This may sound silly, but boxes should be under 50 pounds and heavier items like books should be packed in small boxes.


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#5: Purge!

Set up a Craigs List account, Facebook marketplace, have a yard sale, or donate to Goodwill. Can you picture this item in your new home? If it seems overwhelming, go through a room a week and consolidate the best you can. All of this will help with less of a headache when the time comes.  

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#6: Hire a Cleaning Service

Set up a cleaning crew to come into old house and new. It feels so good to put a house on the market that is decluttered and CLEAN as well as spend your first night in your new clean home. Ask people in the neighborhood or your realtor for housekeeping suggestions. They may know someone that’s reliable and trustworthy.

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#7: Turn Up the Music!

Packing and moving can be stressful. Remember music can stimulate the brain’s development. Listen to your favorite songs and you may find yourself more productive. Eating a healthy diet high in protein is often overlooked but try to look at the big picture and how this will help strengthen the moving process as a whole.

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#8: Become a Creative Meal Planner

Cook from your pantry the week before and after the move. Whip up an easy pasta meal like Cacio E Pepe. Look for things you can get rid of and meals that require less than five ingredients. Now is the time to order out or have a meal delivery service like Blue Apron waiting for you on your new door step.

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#9: Pack an Overnight Bag and Make it Fun!

Blow up an air mattress and spend the night in your new home before the boxes arrive. Light a candle, open a bottle of wine and order Thai food. Stash an overnight bag in your new closet. It’s starting to feel a little bit more like home. Don’t forget to keep the important papers with you including mortgage and other financial documents. 

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#10: Get a Babysitter

Lastly, send the kids and the dog to their grandparents for the moving weekend, if you have them. They will enjoy the change of scenery and less stressful atmosphere as you make more progress. Tell children ahead of time to give them time to adjust and be positive about the exciting parts of moving.